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Ramsha Khalid

a month ago

Dimi and Lily are very good electrologists who remove the hair without pulling it, and the results are permanent. They are highly professional, dedicated and have excellent attention for detail. After trying several electrolysis center, I finally found a place where the result is obvious! I say this from experience because I've been coming to them for treatment for 1 year now (I'm getting full body done) and I am thrilled to say that my progress has been liberating often bringing me tears of joy. I encourage everyone with any kind of hair problem (minor or major) to give this place a try. You won't be disappointed and you'll see results as little as after one clearance!


2 months ago

Lily and Dimi are the best people I have ever met…This is not exaggeration because they takecare of each and every client personally. I have previously done laser for my facial hair and it triggered them so much more once I stopped laser…Then I started doing electrolysis here and I am much satisfied with the results so far and its the best place to get your electrolysis done…


4 months ago

Make sure you have an appointment because this place is busy! Staff is very informative and nice. Process doesn’t hurt much and result are supposed to be permanent, not like IPL which is semi permanent. Will update with progress photos when finished all the treatments! :)

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